The TWIST Experience in HOKKAIDO

Travel Warehouse Inc. Signature Tours or TWIST features tours to uncommon destinations. As part of  TWIST, we brought our #TWIrista MICE group to Hokkaido, Japan this month of April.   

Hokkaido is the place to appreciate natural sceneries because it is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and trees and has a laidback suburban setting.  April is also the transition month from winter to spring which meant the weather in Hokkaido’s a bit chilly but not ice cold.  While our group was hoping to see the cherry blossoms, it is scheduled to bloom in a later month—May.  Nevertheless, our Hokkaido group had an enjoyable experience  with the new places they’ve discovered. 

Given it is TWIST, our tour focused on the unexplored parts of Hokkaido apart from the Sapporo city proper. Our #TWIristas visited the Noboribetsu Hell Valley where you can smell the sulfur which comes from the volcano and witness steam coming out from the sides of the valley ; Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura which is a Ninja themed village with live shows and Instagrammable locations;  Mt. Usu Ropeway and Lake Toya view;  and Otaru Canal, one of the shoot locations of the movie Kita Kita, to name a few. 

Noboribetsu Hell Valley or the Jigokudani


Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura


At the Mount Usu Ropeway Platform with a view of Lake Toya.


A close up of Lake Toya.


The added value which our TWIST offers and that the  #TWIristas who travel with us acquire, is a hands on treatment by us, the TWI tour coordinators, who accompany the group during their trip. We make sure to be with them all throughout their stay, making them feel comfortable and free of worry.  

#TWIrista Otep (our Sales & Marketing Director) taking a photo of our MICE group by the Otaru Canal.


Because of how Travel Warehouse Inc. constructs its TWIST and handles its MICE, our Hokkaido group had a new Japan experience and a great time in their tour where everything was conveniently and efficiently laid out and prepared for them—from their hotel accommodations, transfers, itinerary, and meals! 



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