#CrazyFunTWIristas in Taiwan

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A #CrazyFunTWIrista experience it was in Taiwan!

It was the perfect way for the TWI Family to end the year, going on tour and celebrating the Christmas party!

All that FUN in TAIWAN! was composed of leisure fun. Besides shopping and taking lots and lots of pictures, interactive activities made us enjoy Taiwan even more.

We made our own lanterns, wrote our wishes and released it to the heavens; did some fruit picking of mandarin oranges and kumquats in the farm’s grove; explored the Ximending Night Market to hunt for and taste the street food and local Taiwanese souvenirs; and most especially, see for ourselves how the Xiao Long Bao is made in Din Tai Fung Taipei 101, the authentic way. Truly, nothing beats the taste of the original!



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What made this trip even more special was being able to bring our family members with us!  We were able to share with them how Travel Warehouse Inc. does a tour and Christmas party! This just meant more #TWIristas on board to have crazy fun!

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Of course, we’d like to acknowledge our #TWIrista partners who have helped us with the tour and party:

Many thanks to Ms. Jane of Everbright Travel & Tours Inc. for being our tour operator, to Eva Air our airline carrier, to Taiwan Tourism, Toucheng Leisure Farm, and Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake for their freebies.  Thank you also to our suppliers: Gildan Philippines, MPC Printers, Yael’s Printzone, and H&C Graphics for sponsoring our collaterals, Skyroam for our pocket wifi, and Asian Life for our travel insurance! (*whew!)

For more photos, check out the album on our FB page.  We also made a story highlight on IG! 😊



For those of you interested in traveling to Taiwan, here are travel tips from our tour:

  • Taiwan is visa free until July 2019. You still have time to plan your trip if you haven’t gone or would like to go back! You can also ask for our help with arrangements. 😉


  • When booking flights to Taoyuan Airport, choose Eva Air which is a Taiwanese international airline. Their flight schedules will allow you to maximize your itinerary at best. Also, their seats are relatively spacious, and they serve good on-board meals.image4 (12)


  • A 3-day tour is enough for you to see most of Taiwan.


  • Taiwan is abundant with greenery. It’s a must to visit a leisure farm! We suggest going to Toucheng Leisure Farm, at least spending a night there. It will take you the whole day just traveling to the farm (1 1/2- to 2 hour drive) and doing the leisure farm tour and activities.  Aside from lantern making and fruit picking, you can also plant rice, feed domesticated animals, do some wine tasting and pizza making, and go through adventure courses.



  • Night markets are also a must go-to when you visit Taiwan. There are several in which you can visit such as Ximending, Shilin, and Raohe.


  • Pineapple cake is a Taiwanese delicacy. You should visit Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory to see how they’re made (and they’ll give you a free taste of a freshly baked batch).  In the factory, there’s a DIY a pineapple cake activity which you can do. While waiting for it to bake, you can shop around for pastry varieties.



  • Must try foods: bubble tea, peanut brittle ice cream spring roll, beef noodle soup, and squid/octopus takoyaki.


  • . Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese for 50 years. This explains why there are hints of Japanese culture in their cuisine, architecture, manufactured goods, and written characters. It’s safe to say that Taiwan is a mix of both Japanese and Chinese culture.


  • Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan. You cannot miss eating authentic Xia Long Bao!


  • If you’re into shopping, Taipei 101 is the best place to go!

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